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Nowadays in Vietnam, environmental issues are of major concern at all levels: from the national level to the local level: right across business communities, organizations, as well as every member of society.

In terms of integration into the world economy, Vietnam has advanced quite a bit. But even though its economy has developed in a robust manner, the country faces serious pollution and environmental degradation. As the economy grows and the standard of life improves, the demand for a clean environment will come more and more to the forefront.

The environment has to be protected in a sustainable manner, and at the same time, the quality of life of the Vietnamese people cannot be ignored. Striking a balance in this regard is the primary mission of Saigon Water and Environment Co., Ltd. (SAWAEN).

Our company is staffed with professionals who are well trained at home and abroad. They are highly qualified and experienced in the field of environmental consulting and planning. They design and construct water treatment and waste disposal systems. They undertake novel waste transformation strategies, and they supply materials and equipment to partners at home and abroad.

With the slogan “For a green life”, we are constantly investing in research and development with respect to new technologies to protect the environment. We are committed to satisfying the needs of a broad range of customers, and hopefully one of those customers might be you. We sincerely thank you and look forward to working with you.

Operation Fields:

1. Consultation for environmental projects

  • Providing consultation to enterprises with regard to environmental management and monitoring
  • Supporting projects on waste transformation and organic agriculture
  • Applying SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) and ecological engineering to manage urban stormwater and minimize the impacts of urbanization and climate change
  • Supporting projects relating to water resources and watershed management
  • Building natural  resource  and  environmental  databases,  geographic  information systems (GIS), thematic environmental maps
  • Providing consultation  and  support  for  the  preparation  of  investment  and  economic-technical  reports  relating  to  water  supply,  wastewater  treatment  and  environmental improvement projects.

2. Design and construction works

  • Designing, constructing  and  installing  treatment  systems  for  water  supply,  domestic sewage and industrial wastewater
  • Designing, constructing and installing dust and emission treatment systems for factories and manufacturing facilities
  • Collecting and processing garbage and hazardous waste
  • Designing, constructing and developing waste transformation technologies for households and farms.
  • Renovating, upgrading and applying new technologies for the supply  of water and  for the treatment of wastewater as well as the save of energy.

3. Supplying materials, equipments and technology transfer

Currently, the company’s organizational structure consists of:

1. The Board of Directors: 03 persons (01 Director and 02 Vice Directors)

2. Function Departments (04 Depts): Administration – Accounting Dept., Business Dept., Project Dept. and Environmental technology Dept. (with 01 execution team).

3. Advisor: Dr.Paul Olivier

We have 16 staffs (01 PhD, 01 master, 09 engineers, 05 bachelors) who are very active and enthusiastic, well trained in environmental field and have many experiences in operating and implementing national and local projects as well as consultative projects for international organizations.

Major field Quantity Major field Quantity
Environment Technology 04 Environment Geology 02
Environment Science 03 Electrical Engineering 01
Environment Chemistry 01 Construction Engineering 02
Environment Ecology 01 Accountant – Administration 02

We also have our execution team with over 15 skilled workers participating in construction and in the of machinery and electrical equipment.

Furthermore we cooperate with the leading environmental experts from associated firms such as  Integrative  Design  &  Project  Management  Co.,  LTD  (IDPM,  Australia)  and  Filanthrope Nonprofit Organization (USA).